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Sunday, July 5, 2015

The WSU School of Economic Sciences is committed to enhancing economic literacy in the state of Washington and society in general. SES's Extension team is composed primarily of five faculty economists with outreach responsibilities. Additionally, other SES faculty have partial extension appointments, and all SES faculty are, from time to time, engaged with constituent's problems and other issues of interest.

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Extension Areas

Community and Regional Economics
Washington is the most export reliant state in the country.  Many development projects have an outward component.  Thus regional development is intertwined and connected to the global economy. Current projects in the Community and Regional Economics program include analysis of Washington State exports, the Greater Seattle Economic Outlook Survey, and Regional Economic Modeling. 

Health Economics
Projects in health extension economics include studies on maternal work status and infant feeding practices, obesity and child nutrition, and mental health among older individuals due to job loss.

Crop Economics
areas of crop marketing and consumer demand analysis. Current research topics are measurement of the effects of food safety information on consumer demand and economic determinants of organic versus conventional apple production in Washington

Livestock Economics
new economics-oriented extension programming for livestock producers and industries.  Program focuses on applied economics related to record keeping and financial analysis; cost of livestock diseases and their control; value-added enterprises; and environment interactions such as waste management, and grazing issues. Each of these program areas uses interdisciplinary teams

Tree Fruit Economics
Washington State is blessed by climate as one of the top tree fruit producing regions in the world. However, the world market for tree fruits is highly competitive. Effective economic knowledge is integral to both the Washington growers' profitabilty and consumers' satisfaction.

Other SES Programs

The IMPACT Center, located in the School of Economic Sciences at Washington State University, seeks to address economic, social, political, and technical problems that affect the competitiveness of Washington’s agriculture and related sectors.

Transportation Research Group (TRG)
The Transportation Research Group at WSU is focused primarily on improving freight efficiency in our multi-modal transportation system, through economic research, accurate/timely information and analysis that addresses current and emerging freight transportation policy issues.

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Jaimie Dahl

AgTools Online Workshop forTree Fruits

AgTools™ Academy features an online workshop to explore the financial realities of orchard renewal strategies. The agenda includes a brief overview of the AgTools suite of software, benchmark production costs for three apple varieties, and the case study of Smith Apple Farms, where we present on a dilemma faced a family owned apple operation. The panel of lenders discuss what is required for a successful loan and how they see the situation of Smith Apple Farms.

To access this workshop go to:

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