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Crop Enterprise Budgets

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

WSU-SES/Extension Economics/Enterprise Budgets

Washington State University Cooperative Extension develops crop enterprise budgets for many of the major crops grown throughout Washington State. The purposes of these budgets are to estimate the costs and returns from producing these crops for research and policy purposes and to provide producers and their credit providers with a tool to use in enterprise selection and financing (Understanding and Using WSU Crop Enterprise Budgets (pdf))

Washington Enterprise Budgets for Crop Commodities

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USDA-NRCS Agricultural Economic Information

Cost and Returns Estimation Website - Of particular interest is the Budgets link that "connects to links to as many University and Extension crop and livestock budget sites as possible as well as CARE databases for each of 63 Production Regions of the US (the same regions used in the Agricultural Sector Model) including conventional, minimal till, and no till budgets for each major crop. Just click on your state to bring up the known budgets for that state."

Financial Analysis & Record Keeping

Careful record keeping and some basic financial analysis can take some of the guesswork and stress out of being a business manager:

  • Motivation – Why get excited about financial analysis?
  • Analyzing your farm’s financial performance – Cash flow statements
  • Investment analysis – Different evaluation methods
  • Amortization of loans – Making them cash flow


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